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I looked on Yourswigs website and found the wig below that says "Sale". The wig was just what I was looking for.

There website said Human Hair and the cost was $200 and I did not mind paying that amount. I was so disappointed!!! (See the 3 pics below). The wig looked like something a clown would wear.

The color is not like the pic on their website and it looked like synthetic hair. I emailed Yourswigs back requesting a full refund. They were going to send me $25 and keep my $175!!! They made one excuse after the other!!

They gave me the option to send the wig back and they would refund my money.

I checked and it would cost $100 and sum to send back to China and they could say the wig was not in the condition they sent to me. I don't trust this company and you better not either!!!!!

Review about: Yourswigs Human Hair Wig.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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wow, that's bad....however, not completely a waste. Since you are going to be stuck with it, then work with it.

First, wash it with some wig shampoo, or regular if you don't have, then use a detangling brush, be gentle. From the color and shape it appears this is synthetic hair but I'm no pro. Then take it to a hairdresser you trust and have them trim it up for you. Yes this will cost you, but at least you will be able to wear it.

And if you hate the color, as your stylist if it could be colored, most can be.

The one problem with synthetic is that the shape it's in is basically what you are stuck with, so you will need to work around this. Good luck.

to aliens_amoung_us #1371302

Thanks but No thanks!! I WILL NOT put anymore $ on this wig.

Once again, I did not mind paying for the wig because I thought I was going to receive the product that was displayed on their website.

I appreciate you trying to be helpful but this is a valuable lesson learned for me. Just trying to save everyone else from going down this road.

to P in Pennsylvania #1372183

Got it, no harm, no foul. Good luck to you.

to aliens_amoung_us #1372473

Thank you very much!!!! Good luck to you also!!!

to aliens_amoung_us #1373775

Since you're in PA, if you live near Pittsburgh, try "Hair Day" wig shop in South Side.

Thank you.

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